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Have a Healthy Halloween

Have a Healthy Halloween

Catherine McCord’s tips for a healthy Halloween night

Keep the kids happy and healthy with these tips and recipes!

With the countdown on for the massive amount of sugar intake your kids will experience this Halloween, most parents are probably a little nervous of candy overkill. While of course one night of sugar won’t harm your kids, the impending holiday season is enough to cause parents concern for sweet treat overload.

But there is plenty you can do to keep kids healthy during any holiday, with simple tricks and treats that will keep them fueled and focused during this tempting time of year — especially if you are following advice from author Catherine McCord. Her latest book, Weelicious Lunches, is loaded with more than 160 recipes that encourage families to "think outside the lunch box" to help kids get their healthy doses of need nutrients.

McCord shared with us some tips and recipes to help you keep your family healthy this Halloween and all holiday season long!

Have a Healthy Halloween

With Halloween coming up we want to make sure we are all save and still have fun. With this night coming up we all usually end up getting pillow cases full of candy. Here is a post that Integrated Nutrition shared with us on how to have a Healthy Halloween too!

Halloween can be a tricky holiday. The omnipresent candy, the festive parties, and the excited enthusiasm of costumed kids can make us go overboard on treating ourselves – especially since we can rationalize that the holiday comes but once a year.

Truly, Halloween is a good time to treat yourself and your kids – not just with a little extra candy, but also with family activities. Bob for apples, tell spooky stories, or have a mini pumpkin hunt!

Halloween definitely doesn’t have to be scary for your health, which is why we’ve compiled this list of tips and recipes to help you moderate the treats and avoid the tricks.

Want more? The Integrative Nutrition community will discuss more tips for a healthy Halloween on Thursday, October 20 during a free webinar. Register for Tricked by Halloween Treats? Not This Year! to reserve your spot!

Have a Spooktacularly Healthy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and already many kids around the country are preparing their costumes for the annual tradition of trick-or-treating. Whether heading out with kids yourself, or stocking up for kids calling to trick-or-treat, many households can find that they have a large stock of candy at this time of year. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy every year for Halloween. These foods can contribute excess calories to the diet, which may lead to obesity, a known risk factor for the development of cancer.

Follow our top tips to help your kids have a healthier Halloween:

  • Have your kids fill up on healthy meals and snacks before going trick-or-treating. This can provide plenty of nutrients and help avoid excess hunger. For kid-friendly options, which are tasty and full of cancer-fighting nutrients, try Chicken Tenders, Fish sticks with Lemon Mayo, Vegetable Mac n Cheese, and Banana Slushies.
  • Hand out healthier treats- try handing out small packets of nuts such as peanuts or almonds for a tasty snack which are full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Other healthy options include fruit, granola bars or unsalted popcorn. Healthier baked goods, such as our Pumpkin Muffins go down a treat with adults and kids alike.
  • Toy tricks- Handing out non-food treats can be an excellent way to celebrate Halloween without the extra calories. Try providing Halloween-themed stickers, pencils or toy figurines for a fun choice that kids will love.
  • Aim for treat size- whether handing out or receiving treats at the door, go for smaller treat-size candies that are portion-controlled, meaning you are less likely to overindulge. Always bear in mind that smaller portions of candy will add up over the course of the day or week, so be mindful of the total amounts consumed.
  • Plan for left-overs- the huge amounts of candy given out on Halloween can mean that there are Halloween candies leftover until Christmas. While trick-or-treating, use a smaller bag to avoid gathering too many treats. After the day has passed, let your kids decide which candies are their favorites, and aim to ration these out after meals over a period of weeks to minimize health effects. Consider donating unwanted candy to charities or meals-on-wheels organizations who will pass it on to those in need. Freeze items such as chocolate bars to use as ingredients in recipes throughout the year.
  • Enjoy the season- Halloween is about much more than just the candy. Help your kids to focus on the other fun aspect of the festivities by doing activities such as decorating your house, carving pumpkins and picking out costumes.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your family have a happy, healthy Halloween.

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3. Serve a balanced Halloween meal

My kids usually have ZERO interest in food on Halloween. Which is annoying, because I want them to load up on nourishing food before all that candy. There’s usually too much going on with last minute costume changes though. I focus on providing a large snack or simple meal though, that helps them stay full: Fiber + Protein + Fat = better sugar management

What they most need is protein to fill up those tummies, along with fat and fiber to slow down the sugar to their bloodstream. The more protein, fat, and fiber, the better their bodies will handle the candy they eat.

A simple option for a snack is whole milk plain Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries on top. Checks all the boxes for fat, protein, and fiber – in just a few bites. Having a simple meal of chicken with avocado and quinoa, or chili also works to fill them up before the candy.

If your kids aren’t into yogurt, you can grab 60 of my other go-to easy meal & snack recipes here!

Trade In the Candy

Have your child sort through the candy and pick his or her favorites, then get rid of the rest. “Some dental practices will offer a candy buyback program, where children can cash in on their hard work,” Nickman says. Some parents summon the Halloween Fairy or Switch Witch so that their kids can trade in their excess candy for a prize (or donate it). “It’s a nice way for your child to learn about sharing and appreciating others,” King says. Organizations like Operation Gratitude send donated candy to military members overseas. “Removing the temptation from the house will help the child’s oral health,” Nickman says.

Spooky Halloween Recipes for Kids

Looking for some frightfully delicious bites to serve your little ones on Halloween? This spooky selection of snacks and treats and is sure to keep the fun going all day long.

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Crispy Phyllo Wrapped Hot Dog Mummies

Pull Apart Graveyard Cupcakes

Halloween Blueberry Mummy Muffins

The Halloween fun starts early when you serve your kiddo these cute, mummy muffins for breakfast!

Ghostinis with Bloody Murder Sundried Tomato Tapenade

The ghost-shaped crostini &mdash ghostinis &mdash make an eerie accompaniment to this tomato tapenade. But even without its ghostly companions, it's still a hit.

Halloween Crispy Rice Treats

These colorful treats will be a hit at your Halloween party and they're so easy to put together. The spooky spider web decoration is made with melted marshmallows. Using gloves and working on foil to stretch the web makes cleanup a easy.

Individual Spooky White Pizzas

Frankenshake and Bride of Frankenshake

His and hers Halloween shakes (one mint, one vanilla) are made in a single batch, then dressed up for the holiday in this ultimate trick-or-treat.

Mac-O-Lantern and Cheese Bowls

An orange bell pepper &mdash carved and ready for Halloween &mdash becomes an edible bowl for creamy mac and cheese. These are sure to please kids and adults alike.

Chocolate-Cinnamon Skeleton Cookies

Break out your gingerbread man cookie cutter early this year it's just the tool you need to make these easy cookies. With a little icing, you can pipe your way to spooky Halloween treats.

Spider Web Deviled Eggs

A little food coloring can transform regular deviled eggs into a spooky treat! Best of all, you can make these ahead and leave them in the refigerator until you're ready to serve them. One less thing to do on trick-or-treat day!

Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch

Skeleton Hand Pudding

Chocolate pudding cups are a kid-favorite. Turn the scare factor up a notch by adding skeleton hands made with sweet icing. And don't worry if you break a (skeleton) bone while pressing the hands into the pudding leftover icing makes repairing broken bones easier than ever.

Monster Smoothie Bowls

These fruit-and-veggie-filled smoothie bowls are a great way to get kids to eat their greens. How can they resist when they can use fruit, nuts and seeds to create their own monster face?

Candy-Coated Pear Skulls

Flip pear halves upside down and you've got yourself skulls! A resealable plastic bag makes it easy to pipe the candy faces.

Candy Corn Waffles

Candy corn for breakfast? It's cool! Everyone will approve when you're talking Candy Corn Waffles. Tint the batter with orange and yellow food coloring, then dip the end of each waffle triangle in white chocolate for tricolored breakfast treats that look just like the beloved candy.

Stuffed Crispy Rice Cereal Brain

This giant crispy rice cereal treat holds a delicious secret underneath all its pink frosting brain folds &mdash a center filled with silky chocolate mousse.

Kids Can Make: Halloween Cocoa Ghost Pancakes

These ghost pancakes are perfect for a weekend Halloween breakfast! An assortment of ghost cookie cutters and sprinkles lets kids get creative with their spooky designs. Little kids can keep it simple with mini chocolate chips and blueberries, while big kids can experiment with piping tasty fudge sauce.

Meringue Bones

Only you're only five kitchen staples away from having a dozen bones to pick. Use your favorite strawberry or raspberry jam to hold these creepy treats together.

Sausage Mummies

These sausage patties are all wrapped up with one important place to go: your breakfast table.

Rotten Deviled Eggs

All eyes will be on these avocado deviled egg hors d'oeuvres &mdash that double as ghoulish Halloween decorations for your party.

Tombstone and Coffin Grilled Cheeses

Cut the crusts off kid-friendly grilled cheeses and decorate them with condiments to make spooky-delicious tombstones and coffins.

Halloween Party Pizzas

The perfect pre-trick-or-treat bite? These fun and festive mini pizzas!

Caramel Apple Monster Munch

Tempura Octopus Hot Dog Bites

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

This adorable cheese ball gets its pumpkin-orange coloring from ground-up cheese puffs and the stem is cleverly stolen from a bell pepper.

Crispy Treat Witch's Hat

Get crafty with this edible witch's hat: chocolate-flavored rice cereal, green food coloring and edible gold dust transform ordinary crispy rice treats into a sweet Halloween centerpiece.

Eyeball Lava Cake

This showstopping eyeball cake is the stuff of Halloween nightmares. When you slice into it, a gush of raspberry jam bleeds out!

Halloween Cheesecake

Add some extra Halloween flair to pumpkin cheesecake with a jack-o'-lantern brownie grin.

Cookies and Scream Graveyard Crunch

This sweet and spine-tingling cereal snack is gauranteed to be a hit at any kids party this Halloween.

Spider Web Guacamole

Take just 10 minutes to turn guacamole into an perfectly themed appetizer for your next Halloween party. Mexican crema (or sour cream) is used for the web while black olives make an edible spider. Carve the avocado shell into a skull for bonus points!

Pizza Tentacles

These creepy, crawly pizza rolls have a fun Halloween surprise. When you bite into them you&rsquoll find melty, green cheese inside!

Compost Crudites with Ranch Dirt Dip

Little ghouls and goblins will love eating healthy on Halloween with this dreadful spread of colorful veggies and ranch dip.

60 Halloween Party Foods Ideas That Adults and Kids Will Adore

Halloween parties are about celebrating ghouls, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night. But it&rsquos not a monster bash without tasty fall treats, candy corn cocktails, or clever costumes.

Whether you&rsquore hosting a stylish dinner for couples, or a casual gathering of your adult friends and their little monsters, these creative Halloween party food ideas have you covered. There's something to suit everyone, from rambunctious toddlers, to picky tweens, and every crowd member in between.

In order to make sure you cover all of your bases, start with some savory appetizers, like pumpkin chili or mummy-wrapped Brie cheese, then move on to the main event&mdashsomething like meatball sliders which can be made on a budget. Of course, you won't want to forget to include something sweet. This is where you can really let your creativity shine, with treats like Frankenstein milkshakes or super cute monster whoopie pies.

To help you plan your whole Pinterest-perfect menu without the stress, we've gathered some of the best (and creepiest) recipes around. All you have to do is look forward to hosting a terrifyingly fun Halloween party&mdasheven if it's over Zoom. (Just don't forget a killer playlist and some easy DIY decor, too.)

39 Halloween Appetizers To Kick Off the Night

As you start gearing up for your Halloween festivities, planning a party menu is likely high on your list of priorities. And while you may think guests will be be fine with an array of Halloween desserts and drinks, you may want to balance the sweet stuff with some Halloween appetizers. Yes, your sugar skull cookies and cookie haunted mansion may impress your guests, but your severed toes in a blanket (AKA pigs in a blanket) will truly knock them dead.

These Halloween finger foods and light bites will get everyone ready for the Halloween activities you have planned, whether you&rsquore throwing the biggest costume party of the year or gearing up for a long night of trick or treating. And don't worry if some of your guests have dietary restrictions. This list of Halloween appetizers includes some vegetarian options for those meat-free folks, like veggie "fingers" or viles of dip, as well as big bites of traditional favorites, like the Jack-o-lantern ham and cheese sandwich bites. Whip up any one of these recipes for some delicious bites that will leave your guests screaming with delight.

Strawberry & Cream Croissant French Toast For Your Weekend Brunch

Those with a creative eye know firsthand that inspiration is all around us. Whether you're energized by the earth tones of nature, a color-filled walk through a local farmer's market, or even by a quick scroll through Instagram, you never know what might spark a new creative project.

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