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Chicken fillets in stevia leaf

Chicken fillets in stevia leaf

pass through the mincer the chicken breast together with the onion then mix with the rice, egg, tomato paste and spices.

from this mixture are formed sarmalute which are wrapped in stevia sheets scalded before,

place the sauerkraut in a saucepan, pour the borscht, fill with water or chicken soup and cook over medium heat for 30 minutes.

serve with sour cream and hot peppers.

great appetite !!!

Arm sarmale recipes

History says that sarmales appeared in the Ottoman Empire, which spread them everywhere where it had the opportunity to be conqueror. The term wire comes from the Turkish word "sarmak" which means roll and refers to a package that wraps a filling.

Among the countries that today acquire sarmă as a national food, there are also Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, Iraq, Lebanon or Jordan.

It is not known when the sarmalele appeared on the territory of our country, but they have a strong tradition and are associated with traditional cuisine. They cook for Christmas, New Year and Easter. Normally, each family prepares a large pot of sarmale, which are then served as a main course on special occasions.

Sarmalele is prepared from beef leaves or cabbage leaves. Sarmalele with cabbage leaves is prepared from pork, rice, spices and smoked, cooked for hours on low heat. They are served with polenta or bread, and because they are considered a heavy food, they are "cooled" with yogurt, sour cream and horseradish.

There are also fasting options that contain rice, grated carrot, onion, spices, nuts.

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Sarmalute in stevia leaves, with cherry leaves

I ate sauerkraut wrapped in pickled cabbage leaves, sweet, but also scalded, in vine leaves, but the most delicious ones were those wrapped in stevia leaves. Trivial stevia… I'll share with you how I made them.

I picked about 35-38 stevia leaves from my own garden, I even counted them when I picked them… I cleaned the ribs on their backs carefully with a sharp knife, then I washed them under a cold jet of water, leaf by leaf. In a saucepan, I put on the fire 1.5- l water, a pinch of salt and about a quarter cup of 250 ml of borscht a little and I turned on the stove over medium heat. When the water was warm well, I took about 8-10 leaves in my hand and dipped them in the warm liquid well (not boiling!) With a foamer, until they changed their color from intense green to a brownish green. Then I took them out on a plate. I did this until I finished with the leaves. Let's say I soaked them… not scalded.

Good… so… Then I prepared the composition from:

-800-900 grams of minced pork (I chop my meat or buy meat that I ask to mince on the spot), now I had my own pork

-4-5 medium onions cleaned, washed and finely chopped

-1 medium carrot cleaned, washed and diced

-1 small cup of rice, washed, and swollen before on the fire

-2 tablespoons red broth or paste

-4-5 tablespoons oil (for soaking onions with carrots, not fried)

-salt to taste and freshly ground pepper to taste

-3 cherry twigs with shoots with everything

For the juice we put over the sarmalute:

-2 tablespoons grated broth or red paste

Method of preparation:

Then I started to prepare the composition: in a small Teflon pan I put the oil over which I put finely chopped onion and carrot, I mixed them with a wooden spoon and I gave medium heat to the stove. I did not fry them, I put them to soften a little on the fire, to help them not remain raw, considering that these sarmales will bake in the oven, at the right heat, because the leaf is very thin and sensitive.

After the vegetables were soaked, I put the broth, mixed for 1-2 minutes and let it cool. In another saucepan I put the cup of rice (cup of coffee, size) on the fire (in water to cover the rice) to swell. I also let the rice cool.

Good… I put in a bowl then the minced meat, chilled rice, onion with carrot and broth (chilled), ground pepper and salt to taste, I put the egg and mixed the composition well. I tasted, I adjusted the salt according to my taste… You will say: why egg? Because, being the leaves so thin… not to have unpleasant surprises! Then, on a lid, I started rolling the stuffed cabbage.

They… and now the fun begins: :)) The stevia strings are almost as thin as a cigarette sheet… So, ladies and gentlemen, be patient, it goes fast and fast! One by one, I wrapped them nicely. I then took a large earthenware pot in my mouth and placed them nicely, like this, the first layer. Then I broke the small bay leaf, yes small, zau… I'll tell you why no bigger accusation… I put it there, I put the thyme branch there too, not to be the only bay: :)) And I continued to place the pickles until I finished them.

From 250 ml of water, 125 ml of borscht and another 2 tablespoons of grated broth or tomato paste and a pinch of salt (according to everyone's taste) I made a mixture that I put over the sarmalute until it covered them. Meanwhile, I put the oven to heat over medium heat.

In order not to have unpleasant surprises, for the juice to flow from the bowl into the oven, I put the bowl nicely like this… in the oven tray and… the right speed at the right fire, with the sarmalute in the oven. Good… After about half an hour, I looked at how it behaves. They were good, they didn't go crazy: :))) I tasted the juice, as it should, it was exactly right for the tastes of our family… but something was missing, which I would put a little later. I put them in the oven and then, after another 10 minutes, I put what would give them a great aroma and taste: CHERRY LEAVES WITH LEAVES, about three in number, because it is enough for the amount that was.

Aaaa… I forgot… I got 35 sarmalute, not small, just as they are better… I put them in the oven, again, for another 10 minutes. They an enticing scent enveloped the kitchen. The cherry leaves were sticking their heads in the bubbling juice and smelling intoxicating… After 50 minutes, my pickles were ready! The Romanians, it was as if they were waiting for our mouths to rejoice… If you liked my recipe, do it! You won t regret! I go served with sour cream, for those who want it, but also with a hot pepper… with a polenta next to it or a homemade bread. Good appetite.

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Chicken sarmalute in vine leaf

For some time now, my little boy has tasted traditional sarmalute. And since the ones with pork are not really a good option, being more "heavy", I chose to make them chicken sausages, meaning something more dietary. I say "something more" because, as you know, maybe the meat-rice combination is not very happy because it is a bit harder to digest. However, the basic rule is not to give up small culinary pleasures completely, but rather to be moderate in what we consume.

From time to time some traditional sarmalute with pork or in the dietary version of chicken sausages they have no way of doing harm. What do you think?

Until I find out your opinion, I think it would be good to write the recipe, although maybe many of you already know it. But I hope that for those who still do not know how to make sarmalute, to have come to their aid by publishing it today.

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