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Chelsea Clinton Applauds Stella and Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Efforts

Chelsea Clinton Applauds Stella and Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Efforts

Clinton writes admiringly about the mother-daughter pair’s dedication to their cause

Wikimedia/Kyle Cassidy

In an article for NBC’s Rock Center, for which she is a special correspondent, Chelsea Clinton wrote admiringly of Stella and Linda McCartney’s longtime dedication to vegetarianism.

Clinton, who now eats meat after 18 years of vegetarianism, gave up red meat at age 11 and all meat and fish at age 13. She said that her parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, were "surprised and cautiously supportive — provided I learned how to get enough protein."

The first vegetarian cookbook Clinton ever bought was Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking.

"In a very pragmatic way," Clinton wrote, "Linda McCartney helped me meet my mother’s conditions for being a vegetarian, to get enough protein and eat a well-balanced diet and, in the process, helped both my mom and me feel good about the choice I had made."

Clinton also lauded Stella McCartney’s commitment to a vegetarian lifestyle, especially with regard to her eponymous fashion label, which has long eschewed products made of animal materials like leather and fur. Clinton said she finds "listening to her talk about her passion for fashion and particularly ethically-based fashion" just as "charming and impressive" as her mother’s cookbook was.

Stella McCartney, who is a vocal supporter of PETA, won recognition in 2012 from the British Fashion Awards as their Designer of the Year for her strictly vegan fashion lines.

Just try to imagine a world without the Wu-Tang Clan. Hurts, doesn’t it? Well, the good news is the Wu’s RZA is planning to be around for a long time, and his vegan diet over the last decade is keeping him healthy (and creative as heck) for many more years of amazing music.

Actor Alicia Silverstone has been vegan for more than two decades.

  • Wagamamas recently shared their recipe for their famous chicken katsu curry
  • Hundreds of fans have attempted to make it at home with impressive results
  • Some used quorn instead of chicken to make the recipe vegetarian while others presented with whimsical kid friendly designs
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Published: 16:10 BST, 30 April 2020 | Updated: 16:16 BST, 30 April 2020

Wagamamas delighted fans this month by sharing its chicken katsu curry recipe, one of many in the chain's 'wok from home' series.

Recipes such as Yaki Soba and Katsu Curry, which are usually kept secret, were shared by Pan-Asian chain's executive chef after the high street favourite closed all its restaurants in March, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

They follow high-street favourites including Greggs, McDonald's and Pizza Express who have spilled the beans on how to make their popular menu items at home.

Now fans have rushed to recreate the popular Katsu Curry from the comfort of their own kitchens - with some very successful results.

Here, FEMAIL shares the best attempts from social media users.

The real deal! Wagamamas shared this image of the real thing, being missed by many in lockdown

Artist! One UK instagram user shared this very child-friendly katsu curry which they made at home

Kim, from Chelmsford in Essex, plated her attempt on a heart shaped plate for an extra extravagance

Another British Instagrammer made her attempt meat-free by using quorn chicken, which she presented beautifully

Emmat made this katsu with tofu and she said she was missing Wagamama's, which she is 'obsessed with'

Neal confessed he's never been to Wagamamas before, but made the katsu curry after seeing the chef's recipe

Another food blogger, from Oxford, ditched the chicken an made her version vegan

Blogger Definitely Delicious, from Belfast, shared her sauce oozing onto the plate in a tempting video

The Soprano chef said he was missing his favourite takeaway so made the katsu at home - with excellent results

Ash shared this snap of her sister's katsu curry - which she added some salad too for a healthy twist

Sheffield-based blogger food with followers, shared their attempt, showing off their excellent vegetable cutting skills in the process

Alexandra shared her delicious looking attempt with homemade katsu sauce and chicken

Another veggie twist! One user deep fried sweet potato and covered in the latherings of curry sauce

Molly said her curry was 'bloody lovely' as she shared a delicious looking image of her dinner

Mel served her chicken in strips with a runny sauce and a side of rocket in a fantastic looking meal

Issie shaped her rice into a ball and placed it atop the chicken for an extra pretty touch

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Press Release: How to Stay Sane, Centered, and Healthy in the COVID-19 Reality

Pace University Experts Offer Diet and Health Tips

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. March 2020 &ndash Staying sane, centered and healthy in the new COVID-19 world, can be a challenge, but experts from Pace University&rsquos College of Health Professions say that channeling anxiety into productive activity can provide solace and sanity.

From cooking with your children to taking time out for mental health moments, Pace University experts this week suggested a variety of techniques to take your minds off the barrage of unsettling news.

&ldquoDuring this time of uncertainty, try to conserve your energy to stay healthy rather than using energy for panic and worry,&rsquo&rsquo said Professor Christen Cupples Cooper, EdD, RD, Director of the College of Health Professions Dietetics and Nutrition Program. &ldquoIt can be difficult, but it&rsquos definitely doable, and even necessary during these challenging times.&rdquo

Here are some suggestions from Professor Cooper:

Eat healthfully. Make comfort foods such as stews, soups, and chili. Chili is a perfect dish for using leftover veggies and beans. Broccoli and tomatoes with two onions, frozen corn, frozen lima beans, canned black beans and chickpeas and an extra-large can of salsa make the best chili ever! Spices are healthy. Add cilantro, chili powder, curry powder, cumin and black pepper. Experiment with your dishes. Remember, focus on healthful ingredients. This chili is loaded with nutrients that contain disease-fighting properties, has an interesting kick, and it&rsquos filling.

Eat your fresh foods first. No one knows how long we&rsquoll have limited access to ingredients, so eat what is in your fridge first and go to your canned and frozen goods next. This way, you maximize taste and minimize waste.

Freeze Fruits that are past their prime for smoothies. If you have fresh fruits that are past their prime (eg black bananas) put them in the freezer to make smoothies or banana bread. Bruised or too soft apples are great for making applesauce or apple muffins. Buying frozen fruits like berries or mangos are also great for making smoothies.

Make a weekly meal plan. This will help you utilize your ingredients most efficiently and take the guess work out of what you will be eating each day or for each meal. It can also help you to use leftovers. (Leftover grilled chicken is great for making chicken salad or stir fry the next day.) ·

Bring kids into the fold. If your house is like mine, the kids are glum and bored. It&rsquos a good time to show them how to cook! It&rsquos a skill that they will certainly need, and it gives you an extra set of hands for chopping, mixing, and tasting. Depending on where they are with their cooking skills, start relatively small with things like pasta and veggies and progress to meat and fish.

Have a cook-off. Another neat trick to get kids involved is getting them to rate which dish or what food combination they like most. Having a cook off is another great activity. Lay out ingredients and have each child cook their own version of the same dish and then compare and contrast.

So many of us are working from home these days giving us unlimited access to our kitchens. Also, many people have been stocking up on food and snacks so they may have an abundance of foods that they wouldn&rsquot typically have in the house, increasing temptation to eat.

Professor Jessica Tosto, MS, RD, CNSC, of Pace University&rsquos College of Health Professions had these suggestions for helping to avoid overeating and maintain a healthy diet.

Set up a workspace that is not in or near your kitchen. Putting some physical distance between yourself and your snacks can limit those frequent trips to the fridge.

Keep healthier foods and snacks in easy access locations. Cut up veggies like carrots sticks, celery, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and sugar snap peas and keep them in a Tupperware in the fridge so you can quickly grab them when you are hungry. Pair with low calorie dips or hummus. ·

Stay hydrated! Be sure you are drinking plenty of water, seltzer, and other non-sugar sweetened beverages. Fill up a pitcher or thermos of water and keep it close by to help you achieve your goal of 8 cups per day.

Be aware of why you&rsquore eating. Many people have been stocking up on food and snacks so they may have an abundance of foods that they wouldn&rsquot typically have in the house and therefore temptations are more abundant too.

If you are eating because you are bored, try going for a walk or reading a book or doing a puzzle. If you are eating because you feel anxious or stressed, try calling a friend or doing some mindfulness exercises.

Be creative! If you are stuck at home, this is a great time to experiment with new recipes or new foods you find in the grocery store when your usual choices are out of stock

&ldquoFinally, don&rsquot beat yourself up if your diet is less than ideal right now! However, be cautious of using these unusual times as an excuse to overindulge in food and especially alcohol,&rsquo&rsquo said Tosto.

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Chelsea Clinton Applauds Stella and Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Efforts - Recipes

OMG. I DO know a few 9-year old girls and this canNOT be what/who their Moms want them looking up to.

"Ooh La La Couture?" Jesus H. Christ, Disney.

Yep, South Park called it right on the money.

"Wear your goddamn purity ring so I can get little girls' gineys to tingle, goddamnit!"

Sick, sick sick. And here I thought the garb Target sells for little girls was bad enough.

THIS is the one area where I turn into a 110% PRUDE, can y'all tell?!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I threw up in my mouth when I saw it. I think I was still wearing day of week underwear when I was 9.

I feel sick. Inappropriate beyond words.

OMG!! Please let no one buy this shit!! the sexualization of young girls makes me want puke!! what is wrong with these people. I am utterly speechless.

The article I read about this referred to it as a "prostitot line". Unbelievably inappropriate.
Well done, Cyrus parents.

Chris Hansen would like the parents Cyrus to have a seat over there.

Wow. That's really disturbing. I know a ten year old that would never wear that. She would be too embarassed.

Can someone please tell me, just exactly when did it become alright to dress up girls like hookers?? Miss a PTO meeting and you miss A LOT!

WOW! somehow my "GAH! I am so going to hell" comment didn't post..

Does that mean I am in the clear? )

For children? No, for pedophiles!

she looks like that girl from the shannen doherty movie "best friends" or something. ugh.

Unbelievable. but I know at least one mother who would let her daughter wear some of this lingerie.

I've got to comment that little Noah is a bit odd looking -- I know it's terrible to say about a young girl, but there's something odd about her. Of course, she'll probably grow into her beauty.

I'm always afraid karma will get me, but this time I'll take the chance. that is one homely little girl.

what ever happened to underroos?

And I gotta agree with Penelope. Noah has a bit of a witchypoo face. But some ugly kids turn into attractive adults. But then again Miley is no great beauty which is why I think a lot of kids/tweens identify with her.

Worst case scenario Noah is like Potato Head Willis and people just tell her she is pretty becuase her mom is.

it's only me or she looks alike a whore!!

The line has a high Pedobear approval rating.

This is wrong on so many levels. What in the name of all things decent are her parents thinking? And what is up with all the girls around the stripper pole? Good GAWD! Next thing we'll here is that Miley and her sister are doing a stripper pole exercise video.
The parents should be arrested.

I just had to go and look at these "Collections" after I Goggled the name and while I am truly upset by this, I can only presume that they are pandering to the Tots and Tiaras set. Um. right? Because, unless you are already parading your hapless child in front of others in the hopes that she looks and acts like a 40-year-old cruise ship lounge singer/Branson performer then NO mother in her right mind would say "honey, you should wear the fishnets with your leopard lace skirt." Holy hell folks.

Sorry, but I need to defend Target. I have an almost 11 year old and it is much easier to put together an appropriate outfit from Target then from most retailers. Actually, I wish I had more extra cash to spend there becuase they have many nice clothes for her. She gets quite a bit of hand-me-downs from her teenage sisters, and it was not easy finding nice clothes for them either. I (and their dad) have always been a prude when it comes to their clothes. It is certainly a challenge dressing your daughters now-a-days.

That being said, I would never buy anything that has a Cyrus tag on it, much less the trash that Noah is hawking. I wish they would all just go back to wherever they came from and stop pushing the skank at us.

Thank gawd my 9 year old is tomboy. Is it because these girls are ugly they're trying to make themselves feel pretty?

Target,K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Sears--you name it (I used Target as an example b/c it was the last place I looked for clothing gifts for my nieces)--they all carry clothing that looks too "alluring" and grown-up for little girls. Just IMO.

I actually love Target but just saying. mot little girl clothing is too lurid.

Hell, I couldn't even wear red or black until almost out of middle school! Nor get my ears pierced, nor even use TAMPONS for crying out loud! (Imagine that hell in 7th grade gym class locker room).

christ on a cracker! that pic above with red background looks..illegal.

Just a Girl, i'm wearing them

Disturbing. Parents are supposed to protect their children, not dress them up like hookers and put them in front of cameras.

Ə-14 year old girls' and 'lingerie' should not even appear in the same fucking sentence. JESUS, people!

equally disturbing is the stripper pole.

betty friedan must be twirling in her grave.

Disgusting, inappropriate, unnecessary.

If parents are such greedy whores as to pimp out their kids, they are making those kids fair game. So here it goes. Noah is a truly unattractive girl and Ohh La La Couture should be boycotted.

This is wrong on all counts. And I know that sniping at children's looks is inappropriate, but my god this is an ugly child! I guess it's who you know these days, not your talent or your looks.

I've never before heard the word "lingerie" used in connection with children. Even in this tarted-up line of stuff, "underwear" seems more appropriate.

I guess there are no depths of vulgarity the Cyrus family can't plunge to meet.

This is both sad and disgusting. Can you imagine all the people who had to say YES to get this line into production? Sick.

I am living for the day Chris Hansen shows up at the Cyrus home with video crew and police in tow. This is just disgusting.

This is beyond horrific. Yes, PLEASE blame the parents. But also blame MTV-VH1, OK/People/Ent.Tonight + all tabloids, and the disease known as REALITY TV.
Why? Because they are the financial winners in this shit. They convince your children they MUST have this shit, live this life, and act this way. Tweens watch MEAN GIRLS and miss the irony. Just like CLUELESS many years ago - when teens were emulating the rich, snobby girls.
Your kids watch SUPER SWEET 16 and CRIBS and want that life. All they gotta do is make a sex tape - get a reality show - make an album with autotune, and their dreams come true!!
It's a fucking pandemic. PINK said it right in her song about it. Meanwhile, your tweens and teens COPY what they see from the KARDASHIANS, HILLS, OC, and read on PEREZ HILTON and LIFE & STYLE.

And people wonder why 12yo girls are sexting and posting their porno pix online. Parents and communities recoil in horror when kids are doing drugs and carrying guns. Why not? Lil Wayne and all their rap heroes say it is okay and cool. They wonder why their tweens are whores. Look at their heroes - Kardashians, Paris, Heidi, etc. They fail to recall that these sluts are famous because of home porn movies.

Remember when BRATZ was said to be such a poor role model? This shit is even worse. And then everyone cries in shock when your daughters are kidnapped and/or raped or pregnant from a drug dealing wannabe rapper boyfriend.

I grew up listening to Ozzy, Metallica, Iron Maiden - and they were supposedly so evil. Now? They're almost quaint. I'm no prude, and I abhor govt censorship. Because all parents SHOULD be doing the censoring in their own homes. Parents should take responsibility. but they do not. Because all these adults just want to be stars too. They want their 15 mins., and lust over the bling bling. They expect the govt to be the nanny-state for them and tell them what to do. And we all wonder WHY our society is in the shitter.

When no-talent retards like Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, and GaGa are considered SERIOUS TALENT and "legends"? The wheels are off the bus. We end up with a fake celebutard President who got elected based on his politics, charisma, good looks, and being a celebrity - NOT based on his beliefs, abilities, leadership, or intelligence. Snooki and Am.Idols are our modern "stars". And we wonder WHY it's all in the shitter?

God we need a social, cultural, political, and musical revolution. Due to disco backlash we had heavy metal. After the glam pop 80s we welcomed grunge and alt music. I only pray whatever comes next will show kids that its about what is INSIDE that counts. It's about feelings, compassion, honesty, REAL hard work, intelligence, and truth. not the BLING or PARTY or CASH or FAME.
Maybe it's up to US to be the revolution. I can only do my part and teach my kids the truth and show them the difference between the FAKE vs. the REAL. I pray all of you do too. If nobody drank the Kool Aid, then Hollywood would stop forcing this tripe on us.

For the record my girls don't watch any of that crap. In fact we don't even have cable/satellite for 4 years now.

Noah has a sister who I"m sure she idolizes look at all the fame she got while doing her t.v. show I'm sure lil miss Noah wants the same kind of attention and momy and dady are working so hard to make it happen. yeah I just puked a lil.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Kinko the Kid-loving Clown would have been all over this shit.

If Noah's looks don't improve, I am sure Billy Ray will haul her ass to the plastic surgeon.

I'm coming at this as a psuedo grandparent(she's my BFF's granddaughter), not a parent so my perspective is kinda skewed - however, there's no way in Hell that my grandbaby is going to wear anything like that.
I already don't like the way the Cyrus clan are living out Gypsy: The Hillbilly Experience, and personally, I have to express extreme dismay at how Disney is allowing this.
Disney, the land of "clean it up or lose the contract" and bearding deals (are you listening, Bette Midler and Zac Efron?) has really shown it's hypocritical side with this maneuver.
At one point, I was actually looking forward to taking the grandbaby to Disney World for her 4th birthday - however if this is what they're doing commercially, I'm scared to think what they're going to end up doing to the parks.
Time to thaw Uncle Walt, I say.

I do have a daughter who will be 9 in a few days and this is just plain ol disgusting. Her parents need to be horse whipped.

My 8 yo likes her flash and bling, but she is very modest. Hell, in this day and age, that's something to be encouraged, and believe me, I do! Meanwhile, my 6 yo is a tomboy who wouldn't be caught dead in crystals and frills. She likes jewelry and makeup, but she doesn't go overboard. It gets in the way of her bike riding and skateboarding with her 10 yo brother and his friends. )

Whatever happened to letting kids be kids? Damn, already.

wow, I can't even imagine any parent letting their child dress like this and then sticking her in front of a camera. Are they going to defend themselves this time with the, "it was supposed to be tasteful" crap again.
Lingerie is NOT a word to associate with 9 year olds!
Now wash that makeup off her face and pull her off the stripper pole.
Effing idiots!
God forbid it happens to this girl, but didn't the older sister already have a stalker/ predator problem. Why risk it by exposing a young girl this way.

Holy freaking Christmas! Those pics are as creepy as the HULK "oil me up daddy" pics. That these pics are of kids takes the ICK NAST to a whole new level of pedo-creepy.

Nine year olds on a stripper pole? WTF.

I agree a MILLION PERCENT with Himmm. I cannot believe how different it is now from when I was a kid, which was only in the late 80's/early 90's. Society has gone to hell. I know people say that with every generation, but this is pure fucking insanity.

People wonder why there are so many pedophiles nowadays, and HERE IS THE FUCKING ANSWER! If you dress up little girls like adults, slap makeup on them and present them as sex objects, then sick people will see them as sex objects (ugh I shudder even typing that sentence). And yet everyone acts surprised!

I just want to know what parent would ever allow their child to dress like this. It's dangerous and IMO it's child abuse. Kids only have a short time to BE kids, they do not need to be tarting up and wearing LINGERIE, for heaven's sake! This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach, and terrified to have children. I do not want any child of mine growing up in a world that thinks lingerie for children is OK. What is going on here?

This is not ok. Where is Child Services? I am perfectly serious.

Where is the update that says this is all a big pile of BullShit? Of course that would never get printed or the hatred towards a child retracted.

So now all the denials are coming out. Feh. These so-not-ok photographs came from somewhere.

Himmm - *GREAT* comment. So well said, and I applaud you for your intelligence, heart and insight.

So wrong. I'm so scared for the day I can't hide all this from my daughter.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I thought this was a sick joke, but apparently not. WTF is happening to our society when this sh*t is even acceptable. This is what happens when you live in a semi-puritanical society that can't talk about sex like adults. The pressure cooker blows and you get atrocities like this.

What the frack is wrong with her parents? Seriously?

This is evil and gross and so goddamn messed up. Let KIDS be KIDS. She has plenty of time to whore herself out when she turns 18.

What in God's name is wrong with her parents? First you see Miley working it on a stripper pole on national TV with her parents IN THE FRONT ROW. Then you allow a 9 year old to dress in underwear so inappropriate any hooker at the Bunny ranch would be HORRIFIED. Why can't the police go after these people?

And I have NEVER seen a 9 year old with the face of a 50 year old smoker. Just DISGUSTING.

Are these flame retardant? It looks like cheap Chinese crap.

Let's get this out of the way first -- I agree with the overwhelming disgust of other commentors, no sane person couldn't as far as I am concerned.

@Himmmm In many ways I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but we part ways when you suggest that because I voted for Obama I am part of this problem. A lot of us did vote for him for his beliefs. They might be beliefs you don't like, but they are beliefs that some of us like. And you say he wasn't voted in because of intelligence, even though he refused to play the pandering dumbing-down game so many other politicians engage in . c'est la vie.

I too am a product of the late 80s/early 90s, and unfortunately I think our generation is hitting the grumpy age when we start to think things are getting worse even though they are really just getting different.

As far as "why there are so many pedophiles nowadays," US Department of Justice statistics suggest that child sexual abuse has actually declined from when you and I were kids. In 1991, there were roughly 150,000 ( substantiated reports of sexual abuse of children. Current statistics are around 65,000 ( a year.

Now, many more go unreported, but even if we assume that the true number now is twice as many -- 130,000 -- and the true number in 1991 was only 10% more than the reported number -- 165,000 -- then we still see a decline, though much less so. But it is much more likely that there were also twice as many in 1990, suggesting that awareness campaigns and new laws have been quite effective.

Holy cow, mngddess! I laughed so hard at Noah looking like a 50 year old smoker, I spit my drink on the monitor. Hilarious!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I agree with you Cyric, about the Obama part of Hmmm's comment. They had me with them right up until then. The fact that Obama was even able to win the Presidency shows how intelligent he is.

icky icky icky. This makes me wonder how many pedophiles are warming up their Chevy Rape-vans right now. Shame on EVERYONE involved in making this so-called clothing line: parents first, designers, makers, photographers, graphic-designers, publicists, etc, etc. Y'all make me f***ing sick.

this reminds me about that rumor that britney spears sister slept with a disney exec and thats who got her preggers. Disney started off evil with that racist anti-semitic Walt Disney and continues to do bad things as they corrupt of their young stars to make a buck. When i see things like this it makes me glad that i was born in the 80's and the worst things us kids had to deal with from the entertainment community was New Kids on The Block and Color Me Bad. lmao

I also think it's sad how many people have commented on Noah's apparently not-up-to-par looks--"witchypoo" and "ugly" and references to future plastic surgeons if her face doesn't change? That kind of shallow thinking about girls and women in our culture is very much a part of this whole problem. I was an "ugly"--or really, just sort of "plain" kid, and grew up feeling I had to try to compensate for that in all kinds of ways, some of them not very healthy. It's a special kind of hell to grow up in our culture not being one of the pretty ones.

I'm getting ready to have my first child this August. If this is what I have to look forward to, I guess it's time I take up sewing so I can make my child's clothes that will cover her like she should be until she's 30!

USA is a really fucked up country.

I am not a religious person, but I do think SATAN is behind all that shit.

I am 16 years old and I would still be embarassed to wear that! Seriously, the sight of all those girls around that pole was absolutely disgusting. This family needs some HELP! Good job for all the other Cyrus siblings that have managed to not be noticed. And to Trace, who even though he is famous, STILL has not managed to make a bad name for himself.

The company is denying this story.

What little girl wears these types of clothing? ._.

. and what's with the stripper pole?

I thought Child pornography was illegal on the internet. why then are these posted?

Lingerie? No, horrendous.
The pole dance picture is too much.

9 seems very young to be hawking "lingerie" but I remember being in 6th or 7th grade and people talking about "Fancy Panties" which were basically some stupid line of panties that were silky/lacy and probably pretty inappropriate but they were all the rage.

Are they freaking pole dancing in that one picture? I have to admit that the ladybug dress Noah is wearing in the first pic is adorable, but not with combat boots and black tights.

Noah is gonna be the next Jamie-Lynn, and Miley is the new Britney.

Noah's gonna get pregnant and the baby daddy is gonna be Frankie Jonas.

Contact: Michael Newhouse
Company: Three Peas Co.
Telephone: 1.805.901.4638
Fax Number: 1.805.654.8490
Email: [email protected]
Web site:

Stop the Perez! What’s Chelsea saying lately? Wendy Williams also had to comment about Three Peas Co young Hollywood Celebrities wearing the brand.
February 5, 2010, Ventura, California, -- Perez Hilton started a firestorm on his new fashion blog by inserting his unfounded comments on the clothing that Noah Cyrus and BFF Emily Grace Reaves have been seen wearing, calling the soon to be launched tutu influenced line “children's lingerie collection”. These comments have put fuel on the fire for others to add their commentary including Chelsey Lately and Wendy Williams along with a host of online bloggers.
Perez Hilton and others have used pictures of Noah & Emily wearing Three Peas Co “tutus” and “pettiskirt dresses” from a variety of premiers and events to make their unfounded comments. To set the record straight, the line is being launched by our friends Ooh! La, La Couture as a collaboration with Emily Grace Reaves only. Noah Cyrus is in no way involved w/ the creation of the line. Like Three Peas CO, the "Emily Grace Collection" by Ooh! La, La Couture is trendy and sweet that any girl (and mom) would be proud to wear.
Three Peas Co has created attention attracting children through teen boutique clothing that has a stylistic edge that sets the clothing apart from your mass market clothing retailers. Chief designer Antoinette Newhouse describes her design influence for collections as funky, colorful and most importantly fun clothes that girls and boys can wear any day of the week. “Fashion should be fun and expressive for kids who have limited clothing options from the mass merchant options” stated Antoinette who sites Betsy Johnson as a major influence.
Three Peas Co offers a variety of clothing including: tutus, pettidresses, pillowcase dresses, infant onesies, ruffle bottom pants, T-shirts, boy overalls, hoodies, hats and hair bow accessories. The styles can be purchased directly at and selected retailers.
About Three Peas Co.
Founded in 2008 Ventura, California, Three Peas Co. Apparel Company is a growing trend setter in the design, sourcing, marketing and distribution of infant through teen specialty, boutique and couture apparel and accessories. The company has developed cutting edge designs that have attracted the attention of young Hollywood who frequently adorn the clothing for print advertising, film, red carpet premiers and events. To learn more about Three Peas Co., please visit the company’s website at

For additional information, Contact:
Michael Newhouse
[email protected]

ewww - I have such a HARD time finding clothes for my soon to be 7 year old -i like cute and fun but 'sexy' has no place in clothes for girls under 14

How is this not child pornography and how have child services not arrested the cyrus parents yet for sexual exploitation of their underage children. CHILDREN. they are parading their kids around like mini adult hookers. Way to go mom and dad Cyrus! You belong in jail with touchers and pedifiles.

OMGosh that makes me sick! I have 6yo and DO NOT want her even seeing this trash! NO! NO! NO!

I don't see any tu-tus in the pic on the right, the one with the pink background. Just a shirt with a frilly bottom. are they wearing any bottoms? or is that a 2-inch shirt?

The pictures on the top are gross!!
But if you go on the site Holala Couture it's very different.
It make me upset to see children working at this age. for what? for money?? When money is involted people would do anything for succes even put you child on the front . Let a child be a child they have time to grow and become adult.
Our country should protect our children. For me this is child labor and pornography!!

ok so we wonder why the age that kids have sex is getting younger and younger. we wonder why our kids have the wrong idea about sex and the wrong idea about love. i believe that its a combination of everyone to blame. The parents, the agents, the managers, the older sister (cough cough), and yes even disney should be brought up on statutory charges.

Miley's already made a bad name for herself, noah's following in big sissie's footsteps. The next jamie lynn, and britney spears. This is child pornography! It's a pedophile's wet dream that they'll masturbate to. this sickens me.

i think if it's only lingerie no1s gonna no there wearing them i mean it's under there clothes i wouldent mind some i am 10

its not pornarafy i mean its not like there naked and takuing pictures

Um yay is that a stripper pole that they are posing together with. I am a very open minded individual (38yrs old)but they look like a bunch of harlots around that pole. This is for 9-4yr age group? Was this a ploy to bring out all the pedifiles..honestly what were those parents thinking or not thinking as the case may be.

I think this kind of publicity and photos is borderline child pornography.

I don't have kids but I know this isn't appropriate for this age group, what next tatoos and body piercings.

Don't get me wrong nothing wrong with tats and such, I have many, but this are little girls we are talking about, your daughter, niece, sister.

If my nine-year-old sister EVER wanted to wear something like that, I'd be seriously concerned.


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