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Dessert ice cream straciatella on a stick

Dessert ice cream straciatella on a stick

Ice cream is not ice cream if it is not on the stick. That's what my little princess says.
Then be on the bat!

  • 3 lg sour cream 25%
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar Dr. Oetker
  • chocolate Nestle Dessert Noir

You need another set of ice cream on a stick

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Straciatella ice cream dessert on a stick:

Beat the sour cream with the mixer together with the vanilla sugar, at medium speed (stage 3), for 1 minute, until it becomes frothy.

Add the grated chocolate (as much as you want) and mix with a spatula.

Moisten the ice cream molds and fill them with cream. From time to time, beat them on the table to better set the cream.

Stick the sticks and put in the freezer for 2 hours.

When you want to serve ice cream, wet the forms with warm water and beat.

Enjoy your meal!

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don't forget to wet the forms before filling them or to beat them on the table! Otherwise you risk not being able to remove the ice cream from the form and break it.

Dessert ice cream straciatella on a stick - Recipes

Bulgarian light pink,
Over the hills,
Slowly rolled race
Over the sleeping nature.


"Give yourself a beer for the third time!"

Does it sound familiar to you? It is the reply that an acquaintance gives you when you meet him twice in a day. And of course, for the third time it doesn't happen anymore. And you think, "Would he really have come for a beer?" Unlikely, but talk about it.

  • the oldest beer recipe dates back 5,000 years and was written on a stone
  • Hops, used in brewing, are part of the same plant family as marijuana
  • Belgium has the most types of beer, with over 400 in the world
  • the most expensive bottle of beer costs 1000 USD and is found in. England
  • the oldest brewery is in Munich, maybe this is where Oktoberfest comes from.
  • beer contains almost all the minerals we need
  • prevents the formation of kidney stones - I do not know how much is myth and how much is scientifically proven
  • stimulates lactation in new mothers - I think it's more of a myth.

Dessert ice cream straciatella on a stick - Recipes

Italian Pasta is the second theme of the contest & # 8220Inspiration Food Marathon& # 8221 organized by Electrolux.
On Monday, it was the first theme of this marathon, I Love Chocolate Party, and I participated with the White Rose Cake. Don't forget that you can still support me with likes and comments, here on the blog, as well as on Facebook, both for the cake and for this Easter pasta. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! : *

Let's go back to pasta -) I love pasta! They are fast and filling! But they can also be extravagant, like this recipe, which I have from my friend, Nicolae, to whom I thank very much!
So, an extravagant recipe for pasta with truffles. As there has not yet been an opportunity to use the precious truffles I have, even though they are two small and bitter ones, from May a.c .. since I bought them from Florence, now they have been requested to be used.

Update: talking to my friend, the sommelier Dan Anghel, he recommended to me in this recipe, a wonderful wine, Pinot Noir which is a well-known variety in the French region of Burgundy. In the Muntenia Hills the pedoclimatic conditions are particularly favorable for these grapes, which is why Pinot Noir Vinul Cavalerului S.E.R.V.E. presents all the typical elements: bright ruby ​​color, fresh aromas of red fruits, specific taste of cherries. Serve at 16º C, Associated with Ravioli (Rewind). Founded in 1994 by Count Guy TYREL ​​de POIX, a French wine producer, the owner of 50 ha of vineyards in Corsica (Domaine Peraldi) and descendant of an old French noble family.
The word & # 8222ravioli & # 8221 derives from the Italian verb & # 8222riavvolgere & # 8221 (to pack). Stuffed pasta was introduced to Europe in medieval times. The pasta was stuffed with meat, fish and vegetables including ricotta. In Italy almost all regions have their own recipes for ravioli. Some of the earliest mentions of this dish are from the 14th century and appear in the personal writings of Francesco de Marco, a merchant from Prato. Even though this dish is of Italian origin, the oldest known recipe is an Anglo-Norman manuscript from 1290.
Thank you very much, Dane, we learn something every day -)

Dough ingredients:
200 g flour,
2 yolks,
50 g pitted black olives,
a few tablespoons of water (as the dough requires).

For the filling:
50 g goat cheese,
50g ham,
1 album,
6-7 basil leaves.

For the sauce:
50 ml milk,
50g goat cheese,
a few tablespoons of water in which they boiled ravioli.

For decoration:
a few slices of black truffle

I started with the pasta dough.
I mixed the flour with the gabions and olives that I chopped finely.

I used a few tablespoons of water, but that depends on whether the olives have been drained before or not. I did not season with salt and I did not add oil, because the olives are oily and salty, giving the dough the two ingredients.
I kneaded well until I got a dough with a soft and elastic consistency at the same time.

I let the dough rest in the fridge for 30 minutes, during which time I took care of the filling.

Prosciutto, that is, I had raw smoked ham in thin slices, so it was easy for me to cut it into small pieces and I mixed it with goat cheese,

plus finely chopped basil leaves.

I added the egg white and mixed well to get a creamy consistency.

Until then, the dough had rested, but I had to knead it with a little more flour so that it would be strong enough for the pasta machine, which I was looking forward to using for the first time. And we got along great !! I broke the dough into small pieces and gave them to the machine in turn from point 1

up to 9, ie from thick to very thin. At point 9 my sheets were already transparent.

The sheets dry very quickly, they must be covered with a damp towel until you work with them.

Mmm, I was thinking about how they would melt in my mouth. so I quickly put piles of stuffing on each square,

we covered it with another square, passing a little water over the edges-they never stick with egg whites, because it dries and hardens! -this we learned from our culinary instructor from Italy-plus .

I boiled salted water, and when it boiled, I threw the belly squares -)))

As thin as they were, they immediately rose to the surface. I counted about 25 pieces, although I still had dough, but I didn't have time :(.
I took them out on a plate and sprinkled them with a little olive oil and they stuck together.

I switched to sauce. Pasta sauce is very important for Italians and they always use only milk, never sour cream. "Never sour cream!" - it's like I hear Barbara, our culinary instructor from Italy. And always add to the sauce, a few tablespoons of water in which they cooked the pasta. Contains starch and binds the sauce better. My goat cheese unfortunately did not melt like melted cheese, the small pieces remained.

Also from Italy, Florence, I bought a jar with two small black truffles. What a great opportunity to start it and use the first truffle -)

Plus my new balcony basil that I'm very proud of. And the truffle oil, also bought from Italy, but I haven't used it yet. Maybe with the next truffle -)

Mmmm, what a taste that smoked ham can have in combination with cheese and pasta with olives..mmmm, insane.


How much patience you had. Good luck in the contest. Look, you're putting me to work again. I also have a noodle machine that I have never used.

If I didn't have it, I would have bought it, you're right -) My mother-in-law bought the device after I came from Italy in May. There were 50 euros, with us 50 lei. And not to give a lot of money there, plus that tb crowded through my only briefcase, he said he would buy it from here. I also agreed -)

I wish I was there. to make me taste. hihihi / Good luck.

I would have welcomed you in my humble, but warm kitchen -) Thank you, baby

Good luck with the contest! I think they are very good.

They were very good, they melted in your mouth, wow! Thank you very much :*

Absolutely delicious! And how much patience characterizes you dear Liana, to sit and fill each square separately. It is obvious that you put a part of your soul in every dish you perfect!

Thank you very much! The squares like the squares, but until I made them it took longer than until I filled them -)) I kiss you dearly: *

If this note were given, how good it would be -)

How good they must be, I will try the recipe: p

They are very good, worth the effort, so do them soon -)

I don't have a car like that. that's why I'm going to pay you a visit. and not to borrow the car, but to make this demented-looking doll for me, too, and I'm convinced that it tastes good too.
I'll knock on the door three times. so you know it's me! Yes.

That's a talk for your day, huh? : P It knocks and it will open, so I look forward to seeing you: *

How good it looks! I can't wait to try the recipe, I will pleasantly surprise my family.

Thanks! Know that they will become fans and they will ask you if you do them -)

Where did you buy the truffles? I put my wife to work, she looks delicious.

From Florence, Italy, a jar with two small black truffles, approx. 8 euros. Put it to work, how not -)

Liana, in case you need a taster, I offer my services for free
They must be very good and I will prepare them soon
When my mother was alive, she made a dough like this, but she put the plum magiun filling in it and added a sweet and sour fruit sauce.
Good luck

Ok, I noted, I put you on the list -)
I can't wait for you to do them and tell me you've become independent of them, lol: D
How many goodies did our mothers / grandmothers do with what they had at hand -)

How beautiful it looks, congratulations for the work done and for the success! Homemade pasta is the best! Good luck!

Thank you very much! Know that it is true, they are very good -)

When I get to Timisoara, I put you to work, my love, to know that you can't escape without cake and ravioli: Good luck in the competition, your recipes are always classy and I hope you will be appreciated, I kiss you!

I can't wait for you to come, sister: * Thank you very much and I hope, I kiss you

How good it looks! My luck that I ate, otherwise you would make me crave! : *

Thank you!

mmmmmm..what did you do here. wonderful :)

I don't know if it's great, but it was fantastically good -)

The perfect recipe. Congratulations and good luck to the contest!

Thank you very much!

congratulations. catà ràbdare. and what a wonder. a presentation by a great boss. I'm proud of you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Well, I was inspired by a chef, it had to be the same -) At least I tried. I hug you dearly & lt3

they look very good and I would consume them so simple, without sauce. I really like pasta.

Thank you very much! The sauce completed the recipe, the goat cheese was essential, but it was possible without the sauce, of course, because I ate some hot, curious how I was, to see how I am P

I also come for truffles. Good luck. Pupp !!

Come on, I have one more. Thanks! puup

Congratulations on making homemade ravioli. They must be delicious. It's a grade 10 presentation. Congratulations and good luck!

I did, right? Nothing seems difficult to me in the kitchen, if you want! It's all about trying, isn't it? Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a darling: *

felcitari for patience..I think they were delicious!

Thank you very much! They were, yes, a shame that they ended quickly :(

Bravo Liana! You have become a true master chef!

I became a very tired woman, first of all, you know, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for appreciations! : *

Yes, you couldn't enter the contest with some toast, Liana? : P Easter is my loss :)) Easter and chocolate. offf life.
Good luck with the contest!

I couldn't go in, dear Lipo, with toast, because they were throwing me out: P No, loss and for. me, but I resist heroically P Thank you very much: *

A treat, especially since they are homemade !!

That's right, you're right, that's the most important thing -)

I have never eaten such pasta or truffles, but I am convinced that everything is very good, like everything you do,

And for me it was for the first time and I really liked the pasta and the filling and the sauce, everything was exceptional, believe me!

An excellent recipe, Liana, I wish you good luck in the contest!

Thank you very much, God help!

Of note 10 ..brava! I love truffle pasta. I haven't eaten in a long time.

Thank you so much!! I think I became a fan too -) puup

looks very good. Ana Levkic

Shows grade 10! The contest is successful!

Thank you very much, dear Elena! & lt3 God help!

It looks very appetizing. do you organize tastings?

Thanks! hi, hi. yes, if you come to me -)

I could not enter Facebook, I support you here. Good luck !

Thank you very much! What's your name on fb? maybe we're not friends, that's why.

Homemade pasta. a delight! Congratulations on the preparation!
The truffles from Italy ... how were they?

Easter was a delight, thank you very much!
I don't know what to tell you about truffles, I don't have a comparison period for that I ate for first time.

congratulations on the recipe, and especially because you reminded me to ask Santa for a pasta machine! :))

The combination looks great to me! The taste can't be other than my non-nat! Success! :)

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