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Dessert sweet bread with cinnamon (Pull-apart bread)

Dessert sweet bread with cinnamon (Pull-apart bread)


In the bowl in which we will make the dough, mix 260 gr of flour, sugar and salt.

In a small bowl, dissolve the yeast in 60 ml of warm water and leave for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt the butter on a steam bath. When it has melted, remove from the heat and add the milk and vanilla essence.

Make a hole in the middle in the flour bowl and add the milk with the melted butter and the yeast, mix everything for 2 minutes. Then add beaten eggs, mix and add another 100 grams of flour. We mix everything very well.

We'll get a sticky dough. Put the dough in a bowl greased with butter, cover with plastic wrap and a clean kitchen towel and leave to rise until it doubles in volume (approx. 1 hour).

Meanwhile, prepare the filling, mix the sugar with the cinnamon.

We also prepare the tray that we line with baking paper. I used a smaller cake tray.

After the dough has doubled in volume, we put it on the work table with flour and knead it, adding flour until it is no longer sticky. The dough is left to rest covered with a towel for 5 minutes.

From the dough obtained, stretch a rectangle of 30x50cm, grease with melted and cooled butter, sprinkle all over the sugar mixed with cinnamon, then cut the dough vertically into 6 equal strips, then horizontally another 6 strips, we will get the squares. The squares obtained are placed one on top of the other on each line and placed in the tray, we continue until we finish putting all the dough in the tray. (or the 6 strips can be placed on top of each other and cut 6 equal squares).

Leave the bread in the pan, rise for 30-45 minutes, covered with a towel, until it doubles in volume.

Bake the bread in the preheated oven at 175C for 30-35 minutes. If it starts to brown too quickly and is not done in the middle, put an aluminum foil on top so that the bread does not burn on top.

When it is ready, let it rest for 10-20 minutes in the tray, then you can take it out and serve it.

If you serve the next day, heat it a little in the microwave.

Good appetite!

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