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Sky Parfaits

Sky Parfaits

These easy, ADORABLE gelatin parfaits are sure to generate smiles!MORE+LESS-


package (3 oz) blue gelatin

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    Prepare the gelatin per box instructions. Refrigerate until fully set.

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    Rake set gelatin with a fork to form globules.

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    Layer in parfait glasses, alternating with whipped topping to form clouds and sky.

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More About This Recipe

  • File this easy and adorable treat under “Wish I’d Thought of That.”Sky Parfaits. Aren’t they brilliant? Just gelatin and whipped topping, but the end result is anything but ho-hum. I smile just looking at them! (Here’s the link to Anastasia's Palace blog where I spied them!)But there’s another category for these little parfaits – quick, easy, fun dessert ideas. You won’t even need a mixing bowl for this one!Pressed for time? You can definitely make the gelatin a day or two before, and just let it hang out in the fridge until you’re ready for it. This is a departure from the original recipe, which calls for partially set gelatin. (I made the change because I’m usually doing this sort of entertainment pre-prep at 11 p.m. or so and I don’t think setting and raking makes much of a difference in the finished desserts. Either way works though and will still look cute and taste delicious!)
  • A word on glassware. Technically, these aren’t parfait glasses. Secret: I don’t own parfait glasses. So, I used some small-size beer glasses. That’s another thing that makes these easy, they can be assembled in champagne flutes, juice glasses, martini glasses, or whatever you have on hand.I left the quantities out of the recipe. Serving size will depend on you and your chosen glass size. But a good rule of thumb is that one package of gelatin equals four servings. I used about 2/3 as much whip topping to the volume of gelatin. (Sigh. I just love whip). So basically, four servings equals 1 package of gelatin, or 2 cups of gelatin, and 1 and 1/3 cups of whip.
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